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Related Sites, links and information

This page lists a number of sites closely related to the ARROW Project.

The ARROW Glossary of Acronyms includes links to other repository projects, standards efforts and other repository related resources.


The Federated Repositories of Digital Objects (FRODO) Projects

On 22 October 2003 The Hon Peter McGauran MP, Acting Minister for Education, Science And Training announced funding to provide for four new projects to address an identified need to enhance the creation and management of information, improve access to information resources, and facilitate the discovery and dissemination of new information to researchers and institutions.

  • Meta Access Management System (MAMS);
  • Towards an Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (APSR);
  • The Australian Research Repositories Online to the World (ARROW); and
  • Australian Digital Theses Program Expansion and Redevelopment (ADT).

Open access journal publishing

To support open access journal publishing, the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software from the University of British Columbia’s Public Knowledge Project has been selected as a good fit for ARROW’s requirements. Swinburne University of Technology is taking the lead in the use of the OJS software in the ARROW context.

ARROW Mini-Project Scheme

In order to accelerate the development of enhanced institutional repositories and software, the ARROW Project has introduced grants for Mini-Projects.

Approved Mini- Projects

  • Complex objects and collections in ARROW/Fedora - La Trobe University
  • FABULOUS version 2.0 - by University of South Australia
    • Fabulous version 2 software is available on Google Code
  • FABULOUS version 3.0 (Baby Fabulous) - by University of South Australia
    • Code
  • Son of Fedora - by University of Southern Queensland